Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bundle of Love

Two weeks ago Nava arrived and life will never be the same.
Nava is a sweet little Border Collie puppy. She flew out here from Colorado with her escorts Doree and Kelsey. She has won the hearts of everyone who has met her. She has a good personality for innkeeping. I always knew that Border Collies were an intelligent breed but I wasn't prepared for such a quick study. I have to be careful because she remembers everything. She is "scary smart". (I will have her checking in guests and running the front desk in no time).

Nava came from Clannad Border Collies ( . The breeders, Neva and Dan have done a beautiful job of socializing their puppies. You can see more photos of Nava on the Clannad website. Just click on puppies page, then click on "red girl" .

Nava (pronounced like lava) is named for the Navarro River and the Navarro Winery close by. Nava means beautiful in the ancient Hebrew language. She really is beautiful. Do I sound like a new parent or what?

If you check our web cam, you are likely to see Nava watching the birds or having a nap with the sea in the background. Even better, stop by and she will shake your hand.