Friday, January 18, 2008

Carl Jr. Our Resident Western Gull

Carl has been coming to "breakfast" for a year now. He has become a popular part of our guests experience at Agate Cove Inn. He knows the routine and patiently waits on our sign for his morsels after everyone else has been served first. He is always there, rain or shine.

Carl is very territorial and isn't very good about sharing his breakfast with any of the other birds in the cove. If another bird stops by for a snack, he is quickly chased away by Carl. This comedy only adds to the morning entertainment.

We were worried in November when Carl was not showing up and then we realized that he was coming an hour later. Apparently no one told Carl that we had moved our clocks back an hour. He has adjusted to our daylight savings time now.

Carl is growing more handsome than ever these days. His new feathers are coming in and he no longer has the mottled look of a young gull. We have guests that check our web cam when they return to their homes just to watch Carl. (
He is perched on our sign in the morning and the occasional afternoon.

This photo was sent to us from one of our Canadian guests.

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