Friday, January 18, 2008

Carl Jr. Our Resident Western Gull

Carl has been coming to "breakfast" for a year now. He has become a popular part of our guests experience at Agate Cove Inn. He knows the routine and patiently waits on our sign for his morsels after everyone else has been served first. He is always there, rain or shine.

Carl is very territorial and isn't very good about sharing his breakfast with any of the other birds in the cove. If another bird stops by for a snack, he is quickly chased away by Carl. This comedy only adds to the morning entertainment.

We were worried in November when Carl was not showing up and then we realized that he was coming an hour later. Apparently no one told Carl that we had moved our clocks back an hour. He has adjusted to our daylight savings time now.

Carl is growing more handsome than ever these days. His new feathers are coming in and he no longer has the mottled look of a young gull. We have guests that check our web cam when they return to their homes just to watch Carl. (
He is perched on our sign in the morning and the occasional afternoon.

This photo was sent to us from one of our Canadian guests.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Candlelight Inn Tour

The inn was all dressed up for Christmas as we participated in the annual Candlelight Inn Tour. We opened our doors to many wonderful visitors and got the holiday season started with a joyful feeling and "good will toward men". The proceeds from the tour support the Big Brothers and Sisters organization. We were delighted to be a participant this year. Carolers from Mendocino
High School en
tertained us. We were so glad everyone enjoyed our sweet and savory goodies.

FYI Our lighted sled and deer are not Historical Review Board approved

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Book Recommendations

Our inn provides the perfect setting to escape into a good book. Our guests find a favorite spot in the garden, their decks or by their fireplaces to get lost in good reading. The sounds and sights of the sea only add to this relaxing experience. We have guests that pack more books than clothes for their "reading vacation". Whether you are an avid reader or only have time for an occasional read, we think our guests book recommendations will be a favorite part of this blog. Laraine


The Power of Bryce Courtney
The Faithful Alex Berenson
The Mask of Eric Ambler
Ghosts of Giles Tremlett
Necessary Clive James

As The Crow Jeffrey Archer
The Diana Balbadon
A Thousand Jane Smiley Jeffrey Eugenides
Girls of Raaja Alsanea
The Meg Wolitzer
Chasing Tim Flannery
The Kite Hossein Kalhed
Coming Rosamund Pilcher
The Rosamund Pilcher
Bucking the Ivan Doig
The Whistling Ivan Doig
A Soldier of John Biggins


We saw the first whales spouting on January 1st. Watching the whales pass by the inn is something we never tire of watching.